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Atkins Diet

The beginning of last summer I started what I thought was the Atkins Diet. I had pretty good luck I thought, my blood pressure came back into the normal range and my blood sugars dropped significantly. They were around 270 when I started the Atkins Diet and within just a month or two they were down around 110-120. I thought I was doing GREAT! My energy level was a LOT better. My mood was a LOT Better. I was feeling pretty good.

But time went by… I wasn’t gaining weight, but I sure wasn’t losing either. I just bounced around within about a 10 pound range… I had changed my diet so much. I thought maybe it was just going to take some time before I started dropping the weight. A couple more months went by and still no significant weight change occurred. Still having patience, I just continued on the way I had been for the past few months. And still not much more was happening.

So today, some 8 months since I started all this, I finally decided maybe I should read the book… DUH!!!
Lo and behold I found out that most of what I was eating, while hugely better than what I had been eating before I started my version of the Atkins Diet, I am not really very close to what the Atkins Diet book suggests for the beginning of their plan.

No wonder I am not losing weight.

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Don’t Eat Too Healty!

UMMM, EXCUSE ME!!!    Being focused on eating healthy, alive food means that I am neurotic!!

Orthorexia nervosa From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Orthorexia, or orthorexia nervosa is a term coined by Steven Bratman, a Colorado MD, to denote an eating disorder characterized by excessive focus on eating healthy foods. Orthorexia is not recognized as a mental disorder in any of the medical manuals, such as the ICD-10[1] or the DSM-IV,[2] neither is it part of the proposed revision of this manual, the DSM-5.[3]
Steven Bratman claims that in rare cases, this focus may turn into a fixation so extreme that it can lead to severe malnutrition or even death.[4][5]

Bratman coined the term in 1997 from the Greek orthos, “correct or right”, and orexis for “appetite”.[6] Literally “correct appetite”, the word is modeled on anorexia, “without appetite”, as used in definition of the condition anorexia nervosa. Bratman describes orthorexia as an unhealthy obsession (as in obsessive-compulsive disorder) with what the sufferer considers to be healthy eating. The subject may avoid certain foods, such as those containing fats, preservatives, animal products, or other ingredients considered by the subject to be unhealthy; if the dietary restrictions are too severe or improperly managed, malnutrition can result.

Symptoms of orthorexia nervosa may include obsession with healthy eating, and emaciation among other things. Orthorexic subjects typically have specific feelings towards different types of food. They tend not to eat out as much because they do not trust the preparation of foods other than what they have prepared.[citation needed] The obsession for healthy foods could come from a number of sources such as family habits, society trends, economic problems, recent illness, or even just hearing something negative about a food type or group, which then leads them to ultimately eliminate the food or foods from their diet.[21] According to the abstract of a 2004 study quoted on PubMed, a service of the National Institutes of Health, “The analysis of the physiological characteristics, the social-cultural and the psychological behaviour that characterises subjects suffering from ON shows a higher prevalence in men and in those with a lower level of education.”[16]

This is just TOO MUCH!!!

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At A Loss For Words

If you knew me you would be rolling on the floor laughing at this one!  It is a “Mark the Calendar” day when I can’t find my words.   lol

I keep adding to the Blogroll on here and just can’t find the right place to start talking about anything.

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What Does That Mean….

Forget to remember and remember to forget….


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Gentle Strength

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength”

St. Francis de Sales quotes (French Roman Catholic bishop of Geneva, active in the struggle against Calvinism, 1567-1622)

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